Pupils at Rath NS have the opportunity to participate in a range of team sports using our school’s own sporting facilities. We believe that taking part in sports activities enables children to learn leadership skills and the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. Coaching is provided in the following sports on the school grounds Hurling, Camogie, Soccer, Basketball, Rounders and Tag Rugby.

Swimming, a sport in which classes from 2nd to 6th class participates as part of our extensive Physical Education programme.

Be Active ASAP programme, which aims to improve the physical activity patterns of school children by introducing them to a wide variety of activities in a fun, supportive, positive environment where everyone is involved. The programme, which is aimed at 7-8-year-olds, is facilitated by teacher leaders, Special Needs Assistants and supported by parent leaders and takes place once per week, after school, on school grounds.  The programme links with the Physical Education Curriculum, building on what has been learned in class through age-appropriate activities in the areas of games, athletics and outdoor and adventure activities.