DPSM Award 2020

Step 1 – Science

3rd Class – While learning about gravity and air resistance, the children learned how to design and make parachutes to transport an egg without breaking it. The pictured parachute was one of the successful creations.

Step 2 – Technology

Step 3 – Engineering

3rd Class learned about different types of bridges – arch, suspension, cable, stay, beam and drawbridge. They then did a magnificent job building some themselves.

Junior Infants are our budding engineers! They’re learning how to build using marshmallows and spaghetti!

Step 4 – Maths

Step 5 – STEM Show & Tell

3rd Class applied to display their project, ‘Can birds learn to problem solve?’ at the ESB Science Blast in the RDS. Their proposal was accepted and the whole class visited the RDS on March 3rd. It was a fantastic experience for the children. Their project proved to be very popular with the general public and the children did a great job detailing all the work they carried out and all they learned in the previous months. The judges provided excellent and positive feedback to the children before presenting them with a plaque to acknowledge all their hard work.